Why Visuals Matter

August 18, 2018
August 18, 2018 bridge-admin

Why Visuals Matter

As humans, we like looking at interactive visuals. Did you know, we have a higher retention rate to visuals as opposed to text……yet we depend on words to give out information, follow up on emails, give directions, etc…..just about every action we do today depends on words! Shocking but true!

In today’s digital world you have a better chance of gaining attention if you have a visual attached to your advert as opposed to an all text document. Why? Because; not only are you able to understand clearly but you are also able to communicate easily.
Many of us shy away from using compelling visuals mainly because we don’t really understand how to use them well. We think the only option for a visual presentation is a bold image with words layered on top of it.
That could not be farther away from the truth! Ever thought of Instagram?! Why it’s so popular? The reason for it becoming one of the largest and fastest growing social media platforms?
This is because, Instagram relies mostly on visuals and its aesthetics. As a result it  has become an essential tool in any business marketing strategy. Although there is a science behind it like timings, hashtags, generation of user engaging content in all boils down to the importance of your visual and its content that not only inspires but persuades people to go to the brand and follow them.
Bold imagery and words is one way of using compelling visuals but did you know rather than focusing on one you have a plethora of tools to improve your visuals be it your personal feed, company image on social platforms and so on. For instance try:
  1. Icons Using icons is a fun tool to help make boring info more visual. They are simple, yet memorable. Keep in mind your icons need to be consistent and colorful. Consistency is  key when creating a visual brand identity for yourself. Try using sites like iconfinder that can help you find easy icons for your site without having to create new ones.
  2. Infographics Infographics in general is a great tool to help communicate boring everyday stats in a fun yet visually appealing manner. It is the perfect marriage for delivering information and graphics. Infographics is a simple tool that is clear, compelling and accurate. So the next time you want to show a few important statistics or data why not use infographics try content creation tools like visme and canva that can not only be used for infographics but for adverts, posters, instagram and many more…
  3. Videos A good video has the power to move an audience in a matter of minutes. The right combination of storytelling, imagery, and music can make even the most skeptical audience member a believer.
Compelling visuals doesn’t always have to mean static visuals, so try using the the above tools to help convert your audience. Visuals has always been a big part of marketing and will continue to be. Here are a few reasons why:
  • It saves time,  research shows that the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than texts since it is easier to process visual signals faster than to read a sentence.
  • There is clarity of information for instance you’d rather read a book of a movie because of the graphics used on the cover or the trailer you saw. Similarly, customers fall in love with products and services depending on how they are advertised through images and graphics.
  • Visuals help to achieve consistency; how? by using same colors of the original product or company to advertise. We always remember popular logos and colors while associating them to their brand image; like Mcdonalds, Adidas and so on.  
  • You retain information better; since the human brain processes information in the form of images faster, an individual is able to retain visual information longer. People have the tendency of easily forgetting what they hear or read but are able to retain images for long periods of time. This is because images are stored in our long-term memory, while words get stored in the short term memory part of our brain.
  • It is simple; even illiterate people can understand visuals hence, making it an effective communication method for all. The simplicity of visuals is why it is easy for people to understand the information. For instance we are able to retain important road and public signs  because they are simple, important and clear
  • Visuals are flexible, effective and popular; verbal communication might limit us in many ways; language barriers, terminologies, differences in cultures and so on. Images on the other hand are more flexible and universal making it the most effective tool to gain information from. Since we’re constantly bombarded with content 24×7; images are the best way to help you remember rather than words. With everyone needing quick gratification; seeing images, GIFs and watching graphic videos have more appeal than reading. For instance; If you run an ad for a business, it is easier to get the attention of potential customers if you use visuals, images, GIFs in your advertising campaign.
Today even social media platforms like Facebook encourage ads to have fewer words and more graphics since visuals are able stimulate people’s emotions better while consequently making them respond to adverts immediately.
Remember visuals matter and when leveraged correctly; they have the ability to make your content viral and last in the minds of your audience for years. So why not think outside the box and make your next campaign, advert or presentation a powerful visual designed for the visual learning mind.

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